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Business Litigation Case Studies

Floral Transworld Delivery (FTD) Case

Silicon Valley Law Group's client, FTD, and Teleflora operate competing networks for ordering flowers by wire, a service which allows a customer to order and pay for flowers at one shop and have them delivered by another shop that belongs to the same network. Teleflora filed suit alleging copyright infringement, violation of the federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and misappropriation of trade secrets, tortuous interference with contract, and unfair competition, all under California law. Teleflora sought a preliminary injunction based on the copyright and trade secrets claims. The U. S. District Court for the Northern District of California said Teleflora is not entitled to an injunction based on trade secret misappropriation. Further the preliminary injunction with respect to FTD's use of the WSI program was denied, as the court found little threat of irreparable harm to Teleflora.

Residential Real Estate Case

Silicon Valley Law Group's (SVLG) Business Litigation Department achieved an outstanding settlement for its client in a residential real estate case. The client purchased a multi-million dollar home from the plaintiff, with contingencies regarding a lot split of the property. When the contingencies were not met, the seller sued the client. SVLG cross-complained against the high-end realtor, who represented both parties in the purchase and sale of the property, alleging they had illegally drafted non-form contracts in the transaction. The case went to judicial mediation. The client was ordered to pay nothing toward the settlement. The realtor's Errors & Omissions carrier funded the entire settlement for $950,000. The plaintiff got substantially less than she had asked for, and the client got the original property at issue for the price of his attorneys' fees.

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Client Reviews
For creative solutions to complex legal issues, I often turn to the attorneys at Silicon Valley Law Group. They are one of the law firms I have come to trust for providing consistently superior, responsive legal services. John A. Sobrato
The litigation team gave me the muscle, organizational skills and attention to detail I needed against our major competitor and got us a great result. Jon Burney
I expected legal competence from SVLG and they delivered on that expectation. But they went beyond my expectations in two important ways. Dick Haiduck