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David Duperrault and Kathryn Barrett Achieve Large Cash Settlement in Stock Options/Executive Compensation Case

Our client, an executive officer of a public company, received stock options as part of a compensation package. She exercised the options and purchased the shares. When she tried to sell the shares after leaving the company, the company refused to cooperate, asserting a right to repurchase them. The company also obstructed her effort to sell other shares. The share price then fell by more than 75%. The company grudgingly offered to let her sell some of the shares, but they had become nearly worthless.

David Duperrault and Kathryn Barrett led the SVLG team that sued the company. "We planned and executed a litigation strategy the proved very successful. We helped our client obtain a substantial cash settlement from the company based on a much higher value of the shares before the market price crashed. This was achieved relatively early in the litigation, sparing our client the disruption and expense of a trial."