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Silicon Valley Law Group Just Named One of the Go To Law Firms in Silicon Valley by Above the Law

The Above the Law blog has just named a group of Silicon Valley law firms as “go to” firms for a variety of client needs. Above the Law named Silicon Valley Law Group as one of its “white sandal” firms of Silicon Valley that can handle a variety of client needs. Specifically, Above the Law states that engaging “these firms can help the tech startups, unicorns, and venture capitalists of the new economy avoid or contain problems down the road.”

Also, Silicon Valley Law Group was named the best firm to advise minority shareholders. Above the Law states that “this firm understands the unique needs and culture of the area. Well versed in the reorganizations and break-ups that happen so often in pioneering tech companies, the firm routinely handles the drafting of employment and executive compensation agreements, as well as restructurings, mergers and acquisitions.”

The full story on the Above the Law site is available here: