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Silicon Valley Law Group’s Work During a Time of COVID-19 (Also Called Coronavirus)

1. Is SVLG Open During Normal Business Hours?

Yes. We remain in operation despite the shelter-in-place orders in the State of California and Santa Clara County. Not all attorneys and staff members may be in the office at any given time, but with phone, Internet, and video conference technology, we are maintaining the same level of service you have come to expect from us over the years.

2. Can I Visit Your Office? What About In-Person Oppointments I May Have Scheduled With My Attorney?

If you are an existing client, please contact the attorney representing you to talk about scheduled appointments. Your attorney may be able to do much and probably most work by phone, Internet, or video conference during this time. If you are a potential new client, please call our office or the attorney you wish to reach to schedule a phone or video conference. For your health and safety and for that of our attorneys and staff, during this time, we are minimizing times and occasions when we need to meet in person.

3. When and How can I Contact You?

You may continue to contact us by phone (408) 573-5700 or at each attorney’s or staff member’s direct dial number or email address. Contact information for our attorneys is here.

4. What Video Platforms Do You Offer for Clients?

Our firms is able to arrange for video conferencing using Zoom. We are also able to participate in video conferences you may be able to set up using one of the common platforms, such as GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts. Please ask your attorney for more details on video platforms.

5. Are You Accepting New Clients at This Time?

Yes, absolutely. We are here to help.

6. How can I Get Updates Regarding the Status of My Case or Legal Matter?

Please let the attorney you are working with know your preferences regarding how to communicate with you, wherever you may happen to be. Our attorneys will continue to return phone calls and emails. We have dial-in telephone call bridges to help you call in from home or other remote locations. And we can arrange for a video conference if that is helpful to you.

7. Are the Courts Still Open in Our Area? Will My Trial or Hearing Dates be Rescheduled?

Our local courts have curtailed operations and are coping with COVID-19 by holding hearings by telephone, or resolving matters without hearings. The San Jose federal court is closed altogether, although the courthouse in San Francisco remains open on a limited basis for continued court business. Many court dates are being postponed. Please contact your attorney for details about your case.

8. What if I Become Sick and a Trial, Hearing, or Other Event is Scheduled?

Please contact your attorney. We can arrange to reschedule any court events. But please let us know as soon as you think you might not be able to attend an event. The sooner we know of your illness, the better, as it takes time to reschedule events.

9. Will Scheduled Depositions, Mediations, Arbitration, or Settlement Negotiations Occur as Planned?

Many events are being rescheduled for later times. Some events may need to move forward via video conference or telephone. Please contact your attorney for details about your case.

10. I am Hoping to Move Forward With a Transaction. Can You Still Support Us?

Yes, our corporate, securities, mergers, acquisitions, and technology transactional work will continue during this time. Some deals may be slowed down because of COVID-19. But we will remain as responsive as ever using phone, email, and video conferencing to provide you the assistance you need and to help you close your deals in a timely fashion.

11. I Had Heard About the California Consumer Privacy Act Becoming Effective. Is the Government Still Planning on Enforcing the CCPA This Year Despite COVID-19?

Yes. The Attorney General is not planning on postponing enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act. If you have a larger business in California, collect personal information about a large number of California residents, or are selling personal information, you may be covered by CCPA and may face legal risk. Please contact us for more details or to discuss your particular situation.

Please feel free to reach out to us with questions at any time by contacting your attorney by phone or email, or by calling our general switchboard number.

Phone: (408) 573-5700

To assist you at this time, see the following links below for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state, and local updates regarding public health orders and other public health information.

Client Reviews
For creative solutions to complex legal issues, I often turn to the attorneys at Silicon Valley Law Group. They are one of the law firms I have come to trust for providing consistently superior, responsive legal services. John A. Sobrato
The litigation team gave me the muscle, organizational skills and attention to detail I needed against our major competitor and got us a great result. Jon Burney
I expected legal competence from SVLG and they delivered on that expectation. But they went beyond my expectations in two important ways. Dick Haiduck