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Soy Vay Enterprises Acquired by a Publicly Traded Company on December 31, 2011

Committed to delivering "Answers at the Speed of Business", Silicon Valley Law Group assembled a team of corporate and business attorneys and staff that enabled its client, Soy Vay Enterprises, Inc. to be successfully acquired by a publicly traded company by December 31, 2011, a mere three (3) weeks from its engagement. The team of Bernard J Vogel, III, Karl-Heinz Lachnit, and Lucy Ross negotiated the acquisition agreement; assisted, completed and timely delivered the necessary due diligence requirements; addressed issues of concern to the satisfaction of buyer and its attorneys; and facilitated the closure of the transaction prior to the 2011 year-end.

Eddie Scher, President/Owner of Soy Vay Enterprises, Inc., was delighted with the success of the closing, stating 'I approached Bernie Vogel with Silicon Valley Law Group to help complete the acquisition and all of the due diligence required for the transaction of selling my company. I met with Bernie and his associate Karl-Heinz and informed them that I wanted to close this deal before the end of the calendar year, which was a mere 18 days away. Bernie and Karl-Heinz worked laboriously to get all necessary documents together as well as protect my interests. I was extremely happy with how they jumped onboard to help accomplish a smooth and quick transaction while at the same time making sure everything was taken care of correctly.